At Walking Space we give you the time, place, and pace that allows you to foster personal growth, healing, and inspired action. Our wellness-centered, multi-day, long-distance group walks will leave your mind and spirit re-synced with nature and inspired to move forward in health and happiness.  Have a look around the website to learn more about how we make this possible for you.


What we do, where we go, and how we do it.

Why Walk?

Long-distance walking engenders a connection with our deepest and truest selves. The walking pace, a natural pace, allows our bodies and minds to reset and recalibrate our personal pace and flow. With this reset, we are better equipped to face our challenges and move past the walls we continually encounter – step out of the cyclical monotonies of life and forge a more considered, mindful, and fluid way of living.

This is where IDEAS sprout, FRIENDSHIPS flourish, and SPIRITS soar.


  • For me the most important thing was that I became aware of deeper desires of my heart. Walking gave me lots of time to think and when we are not concerned with the distractions of daily living our minds are able to take us to places and ideas we haven’t consciously considered before.” – Patty M., Life Transformation Walk, August 2019

  • “By walking more slowly than my usual pace, I was able to appreciate all things more deeply.” Mindfulness Walk Review, September 2020

  • “During my Walking Space adventure, I was able to slow down my mind and take in the beauty of nature. It gave me a glimpse into a slower pace of life. I am from Denver, where there are a million things to do all the time. I seldom sit along a river and just daydream. Walking took only half the day or less, which allowed plenty of time to nap, read, chat with fellow travelers, make friends, and appreciate life. It was also helpful when I was encouraged to walk alone for part of it. Thanks, Andrew, for creating this space.” – Becky P., Signature Walk, May 2019

  • Andrew was the epitome of hospitality! He is an excellent cook and provides great meals… As the week went by, we were amazed to discover all of the amenities he had prepared. … Andrew’s past experience walking the Camino makes him a helpful resource in many situations. … Walking Space takes care of everything so you can simply walk and enjoy the natural environment as well as the charming small towns of southeastern Minnesota. … This is an exertion, but it also calming to be on a purposeful walk.” – Martha G., Signature Walk, May 2019

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